Monday, April 13, 2015

Vaginitis – Causes, Symptoms & Natural Home Remedies

Vaginitis is Pain and swelling (inflammation) in vagina is known as vaginitis.Main cause of vaginitis or pain and swelling in vagina is Vata dosha or disturbed flow of air in vagina.

Symptoms of Vginitis :
Pain in vagina due to touch, friction etc. during sexual intercourse is the main symptom of vaginitis.
Generally, females think that it is a normal condition and all females experience it.
But, it is not a normal condition. It is acutally a disease which needs proper treatment.
Therefore, today I am telling you easy home remedies for vaginitis.

Natural Home Remedy 1

Sesame oil is a very good medicine for all kind of pains, swelling.
Do massage on vagina with sesame oil before you go to sleep at night.
Direction of massage should be from lower to upper side.
It cures vaginitis within few days.

Natural Home Remedy 2

Take 3 tbsp dry ginger powder.
Add 150 gm sesame seeds without skin and 75 gm jaggery in it.
Then pastel this mixture properly.
Take 1/4 spoon of this mixture with warm milk once a day. It cures vaginitis quickly within a few days.

Natural Home Remedy 3

Take 4 tablebspoon coconut oil.
Add 1/2 tablespoon turmeric powder in it.
Apply this mixture over vagina twice a day.
It cures vaginitis very quickly.

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