Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally With Home Remedies

High cholesterol is one of the most dangerous problems of modern age. It propels the person towards death silently.

It is dangerous because no symptom appears in body due to raised levels of cholesterol. It is believed in medical science that the high cholesterol is responsible for heart diseases and heart attack in many cases.The main causes of High Cholesterol are Unhealthy diet,Obesity,Lack of exercise,Inactivity,and
Bad lifestyle are the main causes of cholesterol.

Below are natural home remedies for high cholesterol

Monday, May 4, 2015

Best Fruits For Diabetics

Diabetics do not have to eliminate all sugary foods from their regular meals. Sugar or glucose is a vital requirement for the human body. It fuels us with energy so that we can stay active all day.
But when you have to deal with diabetes,it is necessary to take care of your sweet cravings in an appropriate manner. Hence, portion control is essential for every diabetic.

Following are the top fruits that are ideal for diabetics: