Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Home Remedies for Head Lice Treatment

Head lice is one of the major cause of hair loss. Head lice is a tiny wingless parasite that survive on human blood.
The head lice takes this blood from human scalp. It results as itching and hair loss.
You can easily get rid of head lice with these easy home remedies.

Easy Home Remedies For Migraine

Migraine is known as pain on one side of head and skull. It starts with the sunrise, reaches at peak on mid day and it reduces with the sunset. Migraine headache is very painful and disturb the life of sufferers.
The main causes of Migraine are  Eye fatigue,Indigestion,Anger,Mental tension, and
Emotional disturbance, while the symptoms are  Dizziness,Darkness in front of eyes in morning,Vomiting, and Pain on one side of head are the main symptoms of Migraine headache.

Home Remedies For Jaundice Treatment

Jaundice is yellow pigmentation of eyes, skin and urine.
Some of the causes are Lack of red blood cells,Weak lever,Entrance and mixing of bilirubin in bloodstream etc.are the main causes of jaundice.

Symptoms of somebody predisposed to jaundice are Yellowing of skin,eyes,urine and tongue.Pain in lever,Fever,Body itching and Non-digestion of greasy things are the main symptoms of jaundice.

Below are  4 home remedies for jaundice treatment.These natural remedies for jaundice treatment will help you to live healthy life without medicines.