Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Home Remedies For Jaundice Treatment

Jaundice is yellow pigmentation of eyes, skin and urine.
Some of the causes are Lack of red blood cells,Weak lever,Entrance and mixing of bilirubin in bloodstream etc.are the main causes of jaundice.

Symptoms of somebody predisposed to jaundice are Yellowing of skin,eyes,urine and tongue.Pain in lever,Fever,Body itching and Non-digestion of greasy things are the main symptoms of jaundice.

Below are  4 home remedies for jaundice treatment.These natural remedies for jaundice treatment will help you to live healthy life without medicines.

Home Remedy 1

Drinking 1 glass of buttermilk daily is recommended in jaundice.
You can add salt and black pepper powder in it to increase it’s healing properties.
It cures jaundice quickly.

Home Remedy 2
Onion is very good for jaundice.
Cut slices of onion and dip them in lemon juice for few hours.
Take them out after few hours. Add salt and black pepper powder to these onion slices.
Eating this onion twice a day cures jaundice soon.

Home Remedy 3

If you love to eat fruits, then water melon and musk melon are very good for jaundice.
Eating handsome amount of these fruits cures jaundice quickly.

Home Remedy 4

Drinking sugarcane juice several times a day is very very good for jaundice.
It cures jaundice rapidly...

Health is Wealth.......

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