Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easy Home Remedies For Migraine

Migraine is known as pain on one side of head and skull. It starts with the sunrise, reaches at peak on mid day and it reduces with the sunset. Migraine headache is very painful and disturb the life of sufferers.
The main causes of Migraine are  Eye fatigue,Indigestion,Anger,Mental tension, and
Emotional disturbance, while the symptoms are  Dizziness,Darkness in front of eyes in morning,Vomiting, and Pain on one side of head are the main symptoms of Migraine headache.

Home Remedy 1

One of the main cause of migraine is indigestion. Grapes are very good for digestion. Therefore, grapes cures migraine by removing it’s root cause indigestion.
Take 1 cup juice of grapes before sunrise.

Drinking it daily in morning before sunrise cures migraine soon.

Home Remedy 2

Curd and rice is very good for migraine headache.
Mix curd and steamed rice and eat daily in morning before sunrise.
It is a very old remedy for migraine headache. Doing it daily cures migraine headache very quickly.

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