Monday, May 4, 2015

Best Fruits For Diabetics

Diabetics do not have to eliminate all sugary foods from their regular meals. Sugar or glucose is a vital requirement for the human body. It fuels us with energy so that we can stay active all day.
But when you have to deal with diabetes,it is necessary to take care of your sweet cravings in an appropriate manner. Hence, portion control is essential for every diabetic.

Following are the top fruits that are ideal for diabetics:


Mangoes contain vitamins and minerals, and they provide lot of energy. People would usually shy away from eating mangoes, because of their high carbohydrate content. But, if taken in the right amount, they can be helpful for diabetics.


Though high in calories, avocados can be helpful for diabetics. They present themselves as exceptional forms of fatty acids and vitamin C. The fatty acids in avocados can bring down glycemic levels in the body.


Red grapes have a reasonable volume of fiber, minerals, vitamins and sugar. The sugar can be regulated though, with the help of the fiber present in the fruit. Paying attention to how many grapes you eat will be crucial, so that there is no raise in the sugar levels.


Bananas too are an excellent source of energy. They have a reasonable amount of calories. But, in addition to this, they also have a very high percentage of potassium and other vitamins. Once again, when consuming this fruit, portion control will be the key to controlling sugar levels, because bananas are high in carbohydrates.


The sugar content in watermelons is not as high as you think. Though watermelons are very sweet, controlled portions will help you get just what you need. Watermelons have a lot of useful minerals, fiber and high water content. This is likely to reduce hunger as it will create a feeling of fullness, without raising the blood sugar levels.


Blueberries are like little shots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. They encourage a healthy diet among individuals with diabetes. They have a low glycemic index value, which is one more reason diabetics should have these fruits.

Oranges, Tangerines, And Mandarins:

Another great addition to a diabetic’s food plan is oranges. Not only are oranges low in fats and have a low glycemic index, they also have all the vitamin C you could need for the day.


Pears can be eaten plain, or added to a salad. Whichever way you consume them, they taste great and are packed with nutrients and good fibers (3). They have high water content, and help in controlling your hunger as well.


Guavas are another rich source of fiber and vitamin C. With their high fiber and low glucose concentration, guavas promote weight loss and create the feeling of fullness.

Lime And Lemons:

These are two fruits that contain high levels of vitamin C. They also have other vitamins like vitamin A, B, magnesium, sodium, fiber, etc. The interesting thing about limes and lemons is that they have a considerable level of soluble fiber. This helps regulate the blood sugar level. Soluble fiber restrains the amount of sugar taken in by blood. Also, the low glycemic percentage will keep a person’s glucose levels constant.

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