Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Powerful Remedies To Get Rid Of Knee Pain

Knee pain hurts a lot and makes you unable to walk. It is just like a killer, especially if you are overweight,improper blood circulation in knee muscles,stress, sprain in knee muscles,some muscular injury,old age.But you can get knee pain relief with these powerful home remedies quickly.

 Natural Home Remedy 1

Make Turmeric powder solution by adding :
1 tea spoon turmeric powder
1 tea spoon crushed sugar or honey
1 little pinch of lime powder
some water

Mix it well. It will become a dark red colored paste or solution.

How to Use it :
Apply it on your knees before you go to sleep. Leave it overnight.
Wash in morning with plain water. Repeat for few days.
It is best for Knee pain caused by swelling, strain, injury. Your knee pain will be relieved in few days.

Natural Home Remedy 2

Take these things :

4-5 Almonds
5-6 black peppers
10 big raisins
6-7 walnuts

How to Use :
Eat all these things and drink hot milk immediately after that.
Repeat it for few days. It gives good relief in knee pain.

Natural Home Remedy 4

Dates are rich in vitamin A, B, C, copper, iron and phosphorus. Therefore, Dates are best to treat all kind of joint pains including knee pain.

How to Use :
Soak 7-8 dates in a cup of water overnight.
Eat these dates in morning on an empty stomach. Also drink this water. It makes knee muscles strong and gives knee pain relief quickly.

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