Friday, April 17, 2015

Banana Peel To Treat Acne

The method of using banana peel for the treatment of acne is not commonly known. The problem with most commercially bought acne treatments is that they do not target the symptoms. And, if you want to get rid of acne completely i.e. prevent any future breakouts except for the usual quirks, follow the banana peel remedy that works surprisingly well.

 How to get started with the banana peel remedy::::

1. Buy Few Bananas:

Clearly, the first thing you need for this method is bananas. So, visit the grocery and buy a few.

2. Eat The Banana, Keep The Peel:

If the banana peel is still green, do not eat it yet. It must be ripe for you to use it on your skin for acne treatment. Make sure the peel is yellow and black. The peel’s colour is important because it is not known if a green coloured peel is effective in treating acne.

3. Rub The Peel On Skin:

Once you have the peel of the banana ready, use it’s inside part and rub it on the affected area. As you rub your face with the peel, you will notice a change in the colour of the peel-from yellow to black-due to the dirt on your face. Make sure you replace the peel and throw the old one away once it has turned completely black. Continue to rub your skin with the peel for at least 10 minutes. Once your skin gets used to the continual rub, it will cease to react.

4. Do Not Wash Your Face Yet:

Even after you finish rubbing your skin, make sure you do not wash the peel remnants from your skin. The ingredients in the peel help to remove infection from the skin. Make sure you let the face stay as it is until you go to bed at night. If you end up washing your face right after rubbing the skin with the peel, you will lose whatever you gained during the procedure.

5. Continue The Use Of Banana Peel:

For optimum results, you must be consistent with the routine. After one day, you will see a slight improvement in your skin’s texture. By this time, your acne will not be red, which means that the infection has weakened and will thus subside instead of growing further.

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