Friday, April 17, 2015

Causes That Trigger Grey Hair At 25

Turning grey can make you look dapper but certainly not at 25! Even a streak of white at this age is distressing. Blame it on your lifestyle, genes, or stress, premature graying is just invincible. With youngsters as its victim.

What Are The Causes Of Grey Hair At 25:

Genetic Impact:

Most of the dermatologists claim that graying at 25 may be attributed to your genetics. If your parents or grandparents had premature graying, you are always at a greater risk of experiencing the same.

Deficiency Of Nutrients:

Believe it or not, graying at 25 may be caused by your imbalanced diet as well. If you are cutting down the intake of Vitamin B12, iodine, copper, iron, proteins, amino acids, and folic acids, you are exposing yourself to hair graying at an early age. Faulty diet causes nutritional imbalance in the body. This eventually shows effect upon your hair.

Excessive Usage Of Chemicals And Electronics:

If you are regular at applying concentrated hair dyes, your hair may have to suffer the loss. The same applies to frequent users of electric hair dryers and irons. Any kind of hair abuse is simply unacceptable for robust hair color and lustrous dark tresses. Poor scalp conditioning may also aggravate your problem.

Mental Stress:

Stress and anxiety take a toll on your hair by causing premature graying. Both emotional and oxidative stress can be blamed for it. When you are hassled, Vitamin B levels considerably fall in your body.

If you are also 25 and horrified by the strand of white on your scalp, take it on a serious note before it gets too late. Change your lifestyle or see the doctor. Make a quick decision and work on it at the earliest.

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