Monday, April 6, 2015

Fair Neck – 3 Natural Home Remedies to Get Fair Neck

Most of the time, everybody focuses on facial care on the name of beauty. In these efforts, we generally neglect to care our neck. Always remember, beautiful neck is as important as your face.

In this post, I’m telling you 3 natural home remedies to lighten your dark neck so that you will have a beautiful fair neck.

 Natural Remedy 1

-Make a thick paste from 2 tea spoon wheat flour, 1/4 tea spoon turmeric -powder, 1/4 tea spoon ground peanut and milk.
-Apply it on your neck twice a week.
-Leave it for 25 minutes and then wash from cold water.
-It is a very good beauty tip for beautiful neck.

Fair Neck : Natural Remedy 2

-Apply papaya pulp at your neck daily 10 minutes before bath.
-Your neck will become fair and beautiful in few days.

Natural Remedy 3

-Make a thick paste from 3 tea spoon refined wheat flour (Maida), fresh -lemon juice of 1 medium sized lemon, and 1/2 cup of milk.
-Apply it on your neck for 1/2 an hour. Then wash from cold water.
-Repeat it twice a week. You will get beautiful and fair neck in few -days.

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