Monday, April 6, 2015

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain In Women

Lower back pain in women is a common problem. It gets worst during pregnancy and after delivery.
Therefore, I am telling you 3 home remedies for lower back pain in women.

Natural Home Remedy 1

-Mix 1 teaspoon dry ginger powder in 1 cup hot milk.
-Drink it daily in morning and evening.
-It is a very good remedy for lower back pain in women

Natural Home Remedy 2
-Mix 2 teaspoon poppy seeds and 2 teaspoon misri.
-Grind it to make fine powder.
-Eat 10 gm powder with 1 glass of hot milk.
-Take it daily to get relief in back pain.

Natural Home Remedy 3

-Add 50 gm camphor powder in 200 ml mustard oil.
-Boil it properly and let it cool itself.
-Massage your back for 15 minutes with lukewarm oil daily after bath in -morning and at bed time.
-It is also wonderful for massage in lower back pain in women during -pregnancy and after delivery.

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