Saturday, April 11, 2015

Effective Home Remedies To Treat Ovarian Cancer

Among the cancers affecting the female reproductive system, ovarian cancers have the highest frequency. When ovarian cancer is detected in its earliest stages, the survival rate is the best.
Women undergoing vigorous ovarian cancer treatment experience symptoms such as bloating, backache, abnormal vaginal bleeding, indigestion, loss of appetite, fatigue, pelvic pain and weight changes.The following home remedies that can help treat ovarian cancer:

Ginger kills cancer cells.It can prevent the cancer from building resistance to treatment.
Besides ovarian cancer, ginger has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It can prevent several cancers from developing in the body. Cancer patients are advised to take ginger on a daily basis, possibly two to three times a day.

Green Tea:
Green Tea has multiple benefits, one of which is slowing the progression of cancer. The antioxidants obtained from consuming green tea build the immune system, gearing up the body’s defenses to fight the cancer better. A single cup of the refreshing drink causes apoptosis (2) or cell death of ovarian cancer.

Sunlight is your daily dose of vitamin D.This is because sun exposure is a major source of vitamin D, which in turn plays a role in cancer prevention.
Take frequent walks in low-intensity sunlight to absorb plenty of goodness from it. Women suffering from ovarian cancer symptoms would do well to gear up on vitamin D, as it also helps improve bone strength.

Peppermint Tea:
One of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is an upset stomach. To find a little relief from the nausea, have peppermint tea. Alternately, ginger tea is also a good option to ease the discomfort. Eating candy or gum can also sometimes help.

Another major problem faced by ovarian cancer patients is diarrhea or constipation. To make the issue easier to handle, one needs to have proper intake of water. For those with diarrhea, taking small but frequent sips of water is necessary. On the other hand, constipation should be dealt with plenty of fluids.

Mild exercise is necessary to manage the energy levels, as a woman undergoes a lot of stress due to ovarian cancer. Sleep problems are very common with this condition. For this reason, a daily exercise regimen coupled with regular sleep time helps to alleviate the symptoms naturally.

For anyone at risk or those suffering from ovarian cancer, it is important to keep yourself stress free. Have a balanced diet, get plenty of rest and surround yourself with caring people.


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